Are you looking for ways to improve the efficiency, profitability, and safety of your bulk materials facilities? Our automation products offer an integrated solution for automation and optimization.

Our solution consists of various modules and these key features:

  • Auto ID module (Automatic Identification) is an add-on to our existing ticketing system that allows for attended or unattended ticketing, weigh-ins and check-ins.
    • Radio frequency (RF) truck tags and/or hand-held RFID cards may be used to quickly identify trucks when entering or leaving the site.
    • The module can communicate with other devices such as loadout scales, boom gates, and traffic lights to further automate your processes.
    • Light sensors and other equipment may be used to provide further options
  • Kiosk provides:
    • Unattended vehicle identification, check-in/check-out, tare-in/ticket-out,
    • Loader notification and auto load
    • Allows optional driver input/verification of load information, purchase order number, trailer number, inbound material, and other required information via touchscreen.
    • The Kiosk can also communicate with a variety of input/output devices including traffic lights, site lights, remote printers, traffic gates/lights and vehicle position photo sensors.
  • Automatic license plate recognition (LPR) automates the ticketing process by reading a vehicle’s license plate and their assignments.
  • Wireless Loader is a front-end loader notification system designed to assist the loader operator in achieving fewer over/under loads. It also increases utilization of loader assets, decreases vehicle time in plant, increases revenue and provides reporting on loader efficiency.
  • Scale Watcher is an integrated solution for providing photo verification of the weighing process.
  • Remote Printer Enclosure is designed to house either a thermal ticket printer (with cutter) or a laser printer.
  • Remote Displays can be used in conjunction with the Apex Auto ID module to display messages to drivers to assist in knowing where to go and/or what product they will be loading.
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