Batching/ Production

Our production solutions for the Concrete Products industry manages your concrete production from start to finish. It’s an easy and intuitive solution to use and full of industry specific functionality. It provides proven and advanced functionality for reliable and automated production.

All operations differ and several factors contribute to the fact that processes at one factory will vary to those of another. So our software is ‘component’ based and therefore flexible, it can deal with these process variations so that all plant specific situations are supported. Despite these differences, there are a number of main, common processes for which the module has been developed.

Key System Features:

  • Batching, dosing, weighing and mixing
  • Moisture measurement and water dosing
  • Control and notification
  • Concrete transport (buckets, bucket cranes, wagons, conveyor belts)
  • Concrete Mix call and control from the Plant floor
  • Integrated Aggregate Bin fill System
  • Integrated Cement silo fill and protection system
  • Automatic Mixer and bucket cleaning integrated in the production cycle
  • Waste water recycling installation integration
  • Horizontal integration with office network

Discover more about our special Moisture Management Module.

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