Our Dispatch solution provides planning, scheduling and tracking of loads and deliveries from plant locations to your customers.

Key System Features:

  • Schedule orders and vehicles in advance from one central location or from the local plant with Vehicle/Order Dispatch.
  • Manage jobs for today and future dates by generating schedules based on vehicles and cycle times to meet customer needs.
  • Assign vehicles to dispatches to help plan and manage a vehicle’s activity for the day or for multiple days.
  • It may be used for a one-time order, a single load retail sale or delivery against a larger job. Whatever the combination Order Dispatch generates a work order for today’s loads to maximize efficiency and customer service.
  • Maximize hauling capacity
  • Increased revenue from owned, brokered or subhauling vehicles
  • Faster and more accurate ticketing and reporting capabilities
  • As conditions change during the day assignments may change. A carrier or vehicle assignment may be changed right up until the time the load is actually loaded or ticketed.
  • Integrate Apex’s Dispatch with MOBILEticket to even further extend your company’s mobile-enabled workforce and have access to faster and more accurate ticketing and reporting capabilities. It has been reported that companies gained a ‘new’ truck by becoming more efficient with their existing fleet.
  • Integrate Apex Dispatch with MapIT to visually see your vehicles on a map which will help to visually see congestion vehicles costing you money.

This solution seamlessly integrates with the Truck Tracking (GPS) solution.

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