To load asphalt, aggregate, or cement into trucks and rail cars, the Loadout solution integrates with the Ticketing solution to open and close single or multiple overhead silo gates or spouts.

This module includes Loadout software and a Loadout PLC control panel. Choose from three different weighing methods including Silos Over Scale, Negative Weigh, or Weigh Hopper.

Key System Features:

  • Multiple ticket screens may be displayed for improved efficiency if operating multiple lanes simultaneously.
  • The Bin/Silo Inventory feature assists the operator in maintaining adequate levels of material in the overhead silos.
  • The weighmaster can enter loading parameters and monitor loading status at load time.
  • Runs on standard Windows PC’s and uses existing plant controls
  • Built-in safety features include: emergency E-Stop button and watchdog timer
  • Improves accuracy and safety for your customers and operators
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