Moisture Management

Our Precision Water System is a fully integrated water management system that provides a new set of tools to simplify and automate the management of moisture compensation. Production of high strength, architectural, or self-consolidating concrete mixes requires precise management of the total water in the mix to achieve specified performance results.

While there are a variety of moisture sensors offered to measure this moisture, typically these are managed by a separate, standalone program or require manual calculations or a spreadsheet to calibrate.

The Precision Water System gives you with your production solution the ability to calibrate and simultaneously measure up to 12 probes. At Command Alkon we manufacture these microwave probes ourselves.

The system allows you to capture sample moisture readings with the click of a button, provides an easy and accurate calibration process, and supports multiple bin-material-probe combinations.

With the Precision Water System, you will reduce or eliminate time-consuming, costly, and manual processes involved in sampling and calibrating probes or adjusting water content.

With the Precision Water System you are on your way to more consistent loads, better yield management, lower costs, and more satisfied

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