Moisture Management

Our production solution COMMANDbatch CP relies on specialized batch process control algorithms in combination with an array of automatic sensors in the aggregate bins and/or in the mixer to produce slump or SCC concrete with superior performance results while maximizing production.

With the aid of these sensors, COMMANDbatch CP is able to “read the signature” of each type of concrete as unique depending on the cement content, aggregate gradations, admixes, water, temperature and the size of the batch in the mixer.

The capture of the signature for each mix is very easy and mostly automatic. The system is calibrated by making a testbatch of each mix. To achieve the desired concrete characteristics COMMANDbatch CP can be equipped to measure moisture in the aggregate materials as they are weighed. In this manner the system compensates in real-time for the amount of moisture in the aggregates. This is especially important for SCC to keep the total fines of the mix design constant. When the test mix is at the proper specification, the operator tells COMMANDbatch CP to remember this signature for future batches.

Relying on accurate measurement of the moisture in the aggregate materials, COMMANDbatch CP can consistently produce concrete of the desired signature, with maximum performance, while minimizing production time.


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