Quality Control

Our Quality Control solutions provide the essential tools for modern concrete technologists who wish to continually monitor the quality of raw materials, predict the future performance of the optimized concrete mix and the resulting end product.

Key System Features:

  • Raw material analysis and control
  • Mix calculation and optimization
  • Sample and product analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Norm statistics and reports
  • Central database in which multiple employees at multiple locations can work simultaneously

When designing concrete mixes, the client specifications and quality requirements, as well as the cost implications, are considered. Due to variations in raw material characteristics, varying delivery location conditions and product advances, the mix design process is a continuous activity. Analyses and samples provide a large volume of historical and current data to assist in calculating optimal mix designs. The end result is the consistent production of high quality concrete and concrete products at the optimal cost, whilst adhering to current regulations. Our solutions support you through your processes and reduce your workload.

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