The Rail solution creates Bills of lading which include customers, products, pricing, and orders for rail cars and trains.

The Rail Tracks program is used to assign a number and a description to each track in your plant. This identifies the track when you assign rail cars. Tracks may be renumbered and renamed within the Rail Track program.

The Rail Schedule program captures rail orders by location, load date and train number. Rail schedules include the customer, order, product, number of cars and delivery date. Rail cars can also be assigned manually without schedules.

A Rail Equipment Master file is maintained and updated for each rail car arriving on site. The Register lists rail car owners and their rail cars and other information, including car number, car type, capacity, etc.

The Rail Car Assignment program allows users to assign rail cars from scheduled items or manually without scheduling.

The Rail System has the ability to read rail car tags via a SmartPass reader or a track reader (T94).

Key System Features:

  • Organize and store information about your rail car deliveries
  • Easily produce bills of lading for your rail car operators
  • Use automation on your rail operations
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