Command Alkon has experience, software and hardware to either remote your plant operations or to have it unattended.

We have experience leveraging one operator that is remote and operates multiple plants remotely. They have video in place at the plants and can watch the operations that are taking place. We locally locate some hardware like printers and RFID kiosks for the driver to interact with onsite. However, all of the scales, orders and monitoring is completed remotely.

Command Alkon has experience with unattended plants. Unattended plants are those that only has one person onsite – the front end loader. Vehicles can check in with RFID, Transcore Readers, bar codes or even a number assigned to them. The vehicle will enter the plant. The vehicle driver may fill the load or it may be the lone front end loader. Once loaded, the hauler finishes the weighing/ticketing process and exits the plant.

We have multiple products that are leveraged by remote/unattended sites. These include:

  • RFID, Transcore Readers, kiosks, barcodes, license plate recognition or other identifying device for checking into the plant
  • Orders, master orders or dispatch orders
  • Wireless Loader for the front end loader or Loadout
  • Kiosks, RFID, Transcore Readers, barcodes, license plate readers or other identifying device for weighing out
  • Ticketing
  • Remote printing
  • Scale Watcher, video and other security devices for plant security
  • Mobile software for remote and local sales people
  • Other devices as needed including:
    • Traffic lights
    • Sensors
    • Boom gates
    • Remote display boards/outdoor lights
  • Remote/local distributed or centralized software

As plant operations become more and more lean Command Alkon has the experience and tools to grow and change with your needs. This type of experience and capability allow your operations to be as efficient as possible.

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