Revenue-maximization solutions

Command Alkon’s experience, software and hardware assist your operations to maximize your revenue.

Key System Features:

  • Command Alkon recommends the appropriate locating of devices to ensure maximum vehicle traffic and operational throughput.
  • The utilization of Wireless Loader will help to ensure the exact amount of material that was ordered is delivered to your customers. Simply increasing each vehicle load by kilograms/pounds will have an impact on your bottom line. Command Alkon will form this type of partnership with you.
  • Using products like Wireless Loader will help to reduce the number of ‘top-offs’ on your weighbridge. The time to add more material to a load as a vehicle sits on a scale reduces the throughput in your plants and costs you money.
  • Save time by your operations by adding a remote printer off the scale. No longer will a hauler sit on a scale and review a ticket while you have haulers in line waiting on the vehicle sitting on a scale reading a ticket.

Command Alkon partners with you to maximize your plant and operations. This experience and knowledge comes bundled with our partnership with you.

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