Theft Deterrent

Command Alkon offers multiple features that may be utilized to counter theft and theft practices.

Scale Watcher takes a picture of the truck and their payload on the weighbridge/scale.

Key System Features:

  • Proof of delivery; if your customer states they did not receive a load your office personnel will be able to easily pull up the picture of the truck, driver, payload, ticket information, license plate, date, time, order numbers and other indicators
  • Record if a vehicle was on the scale and a ticket was not printed. This will help reduce possible drive-offs.
  • Record and store raw video for a complete accounting of any incident.
  • The add-on Gate/Valve Anti-Theft module provides a photo alert whenever the gate/valve is opened and closed on a loading system and the ticket is not printed within a specified period of time.
  • Weight anomalies are also captured to ensure any and all discrepancies can be researched easily.
  • Pictures of the vehicle’s payload can display the load in the vehicle as it leaves your plant. If a load loss or spillage occurs you have definitive proof of the load and where it sat as the vehicle left your plant.
  • Command Alkon software supports software auditing. You can easily see before and after modified information and what was modified and who modified it. This allows you to recreate a ticket and other information and easily determine what was changed.
  • Video recording of not just the scale but you can mount site recording across your entire yard or operation. Multiple cameras may be leveraged. You will be secure knowing and being able to recreate the actions in your plant or site. Guessing will be eliminated when you access these cameras via the web – anywhere, anytime.
  • Video recording may also help to keep your personnel in compliance with site and security rules/standards.
  • Command Alkon follows various industry-standard regulations. These bodies and their requirements for weighed trade ensures Command Alkon meets appropriate metrological standards.
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