Command Alkon is the leading ticketing and automation solution for the bulk materials industry. The Ticketing Module creates tickets including customers, products, pricing and orders plus built-in security features for complete control of the ticketing process.

Command Alkon strives to keep you, our customer, in mind. We automate the route and repetitive data-entry wherever we can. We offer wizards and other helpful tools to lessen the burden on your staff. Our software is built to use your language and we have ticketing installed in many different foreign languages.

Key System Features:

Command Alkon’s Ticketing:

  • Interfaces with Order Entry to eliminate shipments to customers with insufficient credit
  • Automates the check-in and ticketing process using the latest technologies
  • Increases truck throughput without the need for additional personnel
  • Improves accuracy and customer service through the use of automation
  • Reduces the possibility of theft
  • Eliminates the need for driver signature
  • Is customizable to your plant and operations
  • Speeds up Ticket entry by leveraging a “Repeat Load” feature that automatically populates screen information from previous tickets.
  • Captures ticket images for future reference and distributed via email if the built-in imaging feature is enabled.
  • Connects to most popular models of digital truck scale indicators to generate and print tickets.
  • Adds trucks, customers or orders on-the-fly from the ticketing screen.
  • Inbound (receive) loads may be ticketed as well as outbound (ship) loads. Net weights may be billed in standard tons, metric tons or other units based on your business.
  • Prices materials and freight flexible for both credit and cash on delivery transactions.
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