Truck and Hauler management

Running your trucks is a complex business. Most of the time you're running on razor thin margins and you have little demand predictability. If you don't understand your costs - how can you control them? Implementing this solution gives you real-time control to ensure you make money every day. It is a complete truck Quoting, Dispatching, and Billing solution.

Key System Features:

  • Quoting, Dispatching & Billing solution for the Hired Hauler/Truck Industry
  • Match your equipment to your requirements to layout tomorrow’s dispatch in minutes
  • Deliver the dispatch to the drivers and see the status of all trucks, loads, tons picked up and delivered in real-time
  • Complete Driver and Sub-hauler Management including Compliancies
  • Track and compare loop time information on all jobs and trucks to measure profitability
  • Receive all time and cost information electronically from drivers and plants, including; load time, unload time, travel time, fuel used, idle fuel used, and miles driven loaded and empty
  • Create/Manage Hauler Contracts
  • Charge tables assist with charging for delivery
  • Payment tables assist in paying haulers for delivery
  • Provisions for deductions in pay for maintenance, fuel and other reasons
  • Cartage Surcharge/Sundry Charge & payments
  • Hauler Self-Billing & Settlement Sheet
    • Total Revenue & Net Payment
  • Automated Export to AP
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